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Glove steamers help break-in your glove as if it was used about 2 or 3 months. This is a huge head start in regards to softening a glove for game ready performance. The glove steamer works by opening up the pores of the leather as the pre steam glove conditioner seeps into those open pours to aid in a more rapid break-in period. Gloves are typically placed inside the steamer for about 3-5 minutes and they are ready to be worked with a mallet. This process can be repeated until glove personal glove softness is achieved. The gloves are then covered in a post glove conditioner or glove cream. We use a blend of lanolin and vitamin E on the gloves we break-in. You can use whatever you like but we have found this combination works best and lasts longer than neat’s foot oil and Vaseline used in some other products. After being steamed, worked with a mallet, and post conditioned a ball is placed inside the glove to “set up” the pocket. We believe this is an important step in the glove steaming process. We suggest leaving the ball in the pocket for about 48 hours and continue to keep a ball in the pocket after every use for about a month or two or until the glove is broken in to your satisfaction. The glove steamer expedites the break-in process but only playing catch with your glove will fully complete the transformation.

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